Are you getting wrinkles?
COLLAMASK will make your face
young and fresh again
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  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed full
  • Contains only natural
  • A substitute for salon
COLLAMASK will help you
  • Smoothen out wrinkles
  • Minimize pores
  • Improve skin color on your face
  • Make your skin firmer
  • Guaranteed moisture
100% natural
COLLAMASK – a unique mask to fight common skin problems. The patented COLLAMASK formula makes it suitable for any skin type, and it nourishes and moisturizes all layers of the skin, restoring its structure.
How does COLLAMASKwork?
  • collagen
    retains moisture, restores skin structure, effectively smoothens out wrinkles
  • Combination of amino acids
    powerful anti-aging factor, which protects the skin from premature aging
  • Blue clay
    has tonic properties and cleans the skin, diminishes enlarged pores
  • Alginic acid
    seaweed polysaccharides, effectively moisturizes the skin and eliminates toxins.
  • Betaine and plant oils
    nourish and smoothen out, prevent moisture loss
  • Palmarose essential oil
    adds a pleasant aroma and has anti-bacterial properties.

Customer reviews
COLLAMASK is recommended by cosmetologists
”Thanks to the active ingredients, COLLAMASK ensures a dramatic result. The skin is nourished, looks fresher and more rested, the skin color improves. The mask eliminates any signs of premature aging and fading.
COLLAMASK passed clinical testing and is certified. The patented mask formula is universal, so I recommend it for all skin types.»

Jessica Hopkins, doctor/cosmetologist
is an effective product against skin aging
Delivery and payment
The COLLAMASK mask will be delivered to you just 4-7 days after you place the order. Payment is due upon receipt!
Beware of counterfeit products
In the EU, the authentic COLLAMASK mask is sold in exclusive packaging with a unique registration code! Find the code on your package to check that the product is authentic.
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